The idea of ‘Epidavros Ice Cream’ was born from the need for good traditional ice cream and became a reality with our Italian friend’s help who taught us the art of the Traditional Italian Ice Cream.

Our company is named after the famous region, being not only the producers’ home-town but also a well known place for its cultural heritage, the Theatre of Epidavros.

Back in 2010, no-one could have imagined the success that the very first three flavors, produced in the local bakery in Ligourio, would bring. In a very short time, these flavors became famous and everyone’s favourite desert, being also the guarantee of the finest ice-cream in the area.

At first, the company had its ice cream prepared and produced at the bakery premises. However, the space later proved to be inefficient, due to the continuing demand, so the next step was to move the confectionery activity into a bigger, of latest technology and health standards building, located in Ligourio as well.

Since its foundation, the company has achieved to gain the people’s trust, not only in Ligourio, but in the wider region too. At the same time, with the businesses’ trust and belief  it has become the commonest choice standing our for the quality and the service.

‘Epidavros Ice Cream’ continues its successful course of action having as a basic principle the use of pure ingredients and meeting the most rigid quality and hygiene specifications. The unique flavors always stand out, creating ice-cream mania, and making them a supreme relish for all seasons!

Our Philosophy

Our values are:


We really love what we do and, dedicated to this, we always try to become better and better


We face our customers and associates with true respect


 The quality of our products is what we would offer to our own children

Continuous Development

 We get constantly updated on the latest developments and changes in our field and try to enrich the range of our products.